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"Charmingly useless"

I'm into puzzle games, psychological thrillers, shoujo and josei manga, milk tea, and naps.


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ask yourself:

when was the last time I watched the I Love Egg Song? 

the answer is “not recently enough”. watch the I Love Egg Song. it will make you happyyy



dangan ronpa can get as weird as it wants but nothing will be as fucked up as seeing leon’s execution for the first time

Been gone because I’ve been playing Dangan Ronpa 2!!!

I’m so happy, because now I can go into the Dangan Ronpa tag! (I’ve been avoiding it because I didn’t want 2 to get spoiled for me)

Fact: I got a PSVita specifically because I wanted the DR games.


i’m not free, i asked forgiveness three times

same amout that i denied

i three time mvp’d this crime

lmao sorry angie i stole ur lyrics but ya ace day today :-0